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This is just a quick post to vent a minute, about something that I bump into on the internet quite frequently: Hate.

And I hate hate, almost as much as I hate love–because both are such arbitrary, stoopid, flawed human constructs.

The former is what everyone knows, the latter only a few, and even then–if they are wise–they keep it mostly to themselves..

And if I love anything it is dialogue–good robust, humorous, and lively dialogues. But they don’t really exist anymore, and I will go into that in a later post today.

And if I hate anything–any one thing? It is censorship, and the resultant flame wars on the internet–oh: and I hate being used, which is the net effect of conflation, rapeflation, and internetz warz.

The Left used to be so much fun–liberal topics have always been dear to me–and the right had always been so dull, angry, violence prone and just evil.

But the left and the right have merged, and it is killing dialogue. The only difference between the two? Old versus new money.

Same as it ever was? Yup. But that saddens me greatly.