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First reconstruction of Neanderthal man

Guy 1: Why do women prefer cavemen? Guy 2: I don't know--ask your wife. Guy 3: Have you SEEN his wife?

Sex with cavemen gave humans an immune boost: study

AFPBy Kerry Sheridan | AFP – Thu, Aug 25, 2011

 Sexual encounters with archaic humans like the Neanderthals produced children who inherited key genes that have helped modern humans fight illness and disease, said a US study published Thursday.
“The cross-breeding wasn’t just a random event that happened, it gave something useful to the gene pool of the modern human,” said Stanford University’s Peter Parham, senior author of the study in the journal Science.
Equipped with knowledge of the genome of the Neanderthals and the Denisovans, of whom a tooth and a finger bone were discovered in a Russian cave last year, researchers scoured the data for hints of what genes crossed over.
Scientists already knew that about four percent of Neanderthal DNA and up to six percent of Denisovan DNA are present in some modern humans…


The latest caveman DNA story above is even more evidence that modern humans and cavemen interbred, and that women prefer sexually aggressive sex partners. That is, if you believe the caveman stereotype.

But perhaps it is the other way around, and men prefer sexually aggressive females? We may never know, because women’s groups and feminists work so hard at denying actual, physical violence and aggression perpetrated by females, despite decades of evidence demonstrating that women are at least, or more aggressive than men.

We may never know because feminism in any western country is based in logical fallacies , and false dilemas that pervade diaolgues, and deny the power of kyriarchy.

But one thing is certain: it is literally in the financial interests of feminists and their allies in science to deny women’s violence, and perpetuate the sexist stereotypes of women as ‘helpless victims,’ rather than as capable people–there’s money to be made in perpetuation.

I should back up a bit: I don’t want to be accused of sexism by all of those sexists –(have you ever noticed how sexist the people who point out sexism actually are)?

So it would be more fair to point out that modern humans interbred with cavepeople, in this case the Denisovan group of ancestors.

We already knew that we are related to Neanderthals–who actually get a bad rap for violence, because of the sexist biases of modern scientists like Greg Laden,who maintain that Neanderthals were all rapists, despite evidence that they were spiritual and compassionate, and also evidence they took care of the handicapped amongst them.

Sex-biased scientists are almost as disreputable as religious ones, and  fanatics who believe the cavemen lived alongside dinosaurs, and ‘went to heaven.’ But you have to take science with a grain of salt these days, as the left/right religious and sexist wars rage through the facts.

So the stereotype prevails that cavemen were a brutal, male dominated species, and  the stereotype waxes and wanes in  currency, because some women are also financially invested in the idea of perpetuating the image of women as vulnerable, and helpless–which is anti-feminist–despite their own claims to the contrary!

Advancements of women who have at least, their own powerful identities, separate from monolithic feminism are nearly antithetical to the rape and rapeology industries that thrive and prosper in academia, government, and social services.

This type of feminist minces words or concepts like “nature versus nurture,” and act like its all one grand mystery how sexism is perpetuated (clue to feminist moms: stop treating your own daughter like a sex object), while pimping their daughters to middle class paradigms of ‘beauty’ and ‘ frailty’ in need of ‘protection’ from cavemen.

Nature and nurture are complex, and not simply explained from either a genetic, or a psychological reasoning, because social forces intervene in each. The bias of scientists selects for or against explaining this complexity–the religious doubt the genetic explanation, the sexists doubt the religious explanations, and both mangle the social implications of the discussion.

Psychological perspective:

Psychological-genetic explanation:

So how can we explain female college wrestlers Brittany and Brienna Delgado, subduing a fleeing hit and run suspect with chicken locks and chokeholds!?

“We do several moves where you stop your opponents,” said Brittany Delgado. “My sister and I are very proficient wrestlers and also played football in high school, so we know about tackling.”

My best guess is that these young ladies weren’t raised by feminists per se, or at least that kind of feminist– or scientists. I would guess they were raised by loving parents who were aware of the interplay between nature and nurture, as well as the biases in each corner.

But one thing is certain: the Delgado girls can probably handle themselves in any elevator–unlike young, white, middle class feminists raised by other middle class sex pandering feminists[see links at bottom for “elevators”] who sexualized their daughters.

As long as sexism and science are blurred with feminism, we may never know what women, or our own DNA really are made of, because like religion, there’s just way too much money to be made in arguing about it, and perpetuating false rape scenarios, and Virgin Mary complexes, rather than getting our human groove on–cave person style.

Hot, sweaty, all-day-long monkey fucking. Monkey fucking, lesbian monkey fucking, mother and infant fucking, bad aunties molesting their nephews and nieces, older women and younger men. Hot African monkey fucking; maternal incest, women who have sex with children. Hot monkey butt sex, all day long.

Porn language is vulgar, but more appropriate for children than flag draped caskets, or social movements that give birth to soldiers instead of scholars.

VULGARITY is a word that upper classes use to oppress the language, speech, and bodies of the lower classes,while upper classes wage wars everywhere, and kill children, using those same peoples bodies. But not all monkey societies use flags, or flag draped caskets, which are more vulgar than language that humans use.

Porn keywords are vulgar, and necessary symbols of culture. But porn keywords don’t always tell the whole tale, and you never know what you might find when you click a link. For instance, what do you get with you cross feminists with ‘fisting’? Here is the answer.

The highly pornographic video above is about bonobos, a tribe of smaller chimpanzees that are led by women, not men. Er…led by females, not males– that fuck to solve all of their social problems. This female led group fucks everyone, all the time, even their own daughters, but never their sons–they leave that to their sisters.

Some scientists say that this adaptation–fucking instead of fighting in times of high stress–relieves social tensions, and keeps the tribe together.Violence is relatively rare in that society–so the scientists say–and we all know what they say about cultural relativism!!

The video is pornographic by definition because it has no literary, creative, or scientific merit despite generations of monkey-fucking porn watchers arguing that these type of videos teach us about ourselfs. Yeah, right, like I want to rub my pussy, my cock, or my ass against something, and then eat till I’m sleepy, and in a snuggling mood…

Bonobos, called pan paniscus, are closely related to humans and chimpanzees–called pan troglodytes (the ape you see at the zoo, or the one who tore this woman’s face off–plastic surgery is soooo NOT feminist… )

Whereas human males and females have a sliding hierarchical scale of when how and with whom to use violence, and chimpanzees use it by default, bonobo’s are a bunch of fuckers, and they solve problems with cunnilingus, pussy to pussy rubbing, blowjobs, fucking and ass rubs.

They are the only matriarchal apes in the whole world, and they have sex with each other, sex with their young, and sex sex sex all day long, especially when food is near. Food is like monkey money*, and it makes them horny.

Some people say they were named wrong, and they should have been called pan promiscuous….or feminist monkeys–which would be incorrect because most feminists believe in violence, and only have sex with people who have lots of monkey money, and chimpanzee friends.

It is scientifically quite possible that we descend in some way from this form of ape, as our DNA is 97-98.5% the same! However, you can observe differences in human behavior and decide for yourself if the people you know are more chimp like, or more bonobo like.

Groups of men and women that center themselves around violence are more likely chimps, and groups that center themselves around sex are more like bonobos.Oh, and of course, who outsource their violence to chimps.

And I am just monkeying around and playing with– examining- language and its symbolic value, but incest is a serious topic. So if you know a girl who is a victim of maternal incest or are a therapist engaged in treating victims of maternal incest, here is a good book for them or you to read, by Beverly Ogilvie that covers the topic extensively.

If you are a boy who has been sexually abused by bonobos, good luck–no one believes you exist.