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No, F#$*># & really: What is in your heads? This what happens when the Vagina Monologue becomes a monolithic voice with no checks or balances.

“Kids bikini pageant,” or the theft of a child’s mind? Maybe it’s just a harmless future coochie snortcher parade.

Geez. Who gave women permission to create this shit? Can you imagine the subtext? I can: little girls who, by the time men meet them, they think their bodies are painted commodities with marketable vaginas.

Then after the divorce, blaming men for how unattractive and used that they feel.

Porn KeyWords: eight year old girl sucking, eight year old girl tits, prepubescent girl likes mothers tits, under ten year old sexual training, seven year old girl and breasts, eight year old sucks hard, seven year old wants it, eight year old needs training, seven year old needs some cream, young girl needs some cream, eight-year-old girl wants screams for cream, pre-pubescent girl eats cream in moms lap, eight year old girl eats cream while mother looks on.

Mother breastfeeding an eight-year-old girl. Is this child being used by the mother for pleasure? After all, women experience orgasm during breastfeeding.  And I don’t call this an educational video, I call it radical feminist child pornography.

I wonder why any woman would encourage her grown child to suck on her when the kid is eight years old. And I say encourage, because if you notice in the video, the ‘home’ is a virtual cult of mothers orgasmic breasts.

An unplanned orgasm during breastfeeding is one thing- quite normal, healthy, and expected for up to three years of life or so. But eight? How about eleven?

And setting boundaries between adults and children is fundamental to raising healthy children–I won’t even cite that. Boundaries are good, at least, according to ‘society’. As if society is to be believed….”It’s for the children,” they say.

Hmmmmm. According to the video,  “Veronica believes children should decide for themselves…”

Veronica, the mother coos to the child “little monkey…”

I have known a woman who called her vagina ‘her little monkey’; I have known another woman to call her vibrator a little monkey, and called my genitals little monkey as well.

Then to the viewer, Mother Veronica says “She has a soft…strong attachment to it”, speaking about her breastfeeding, near-pubescent daughter. Then she rationalizes the behavior by stating that children who breastfeed longer have higher IQ.

The mother exhibits two rationalizations similar that pedophiles who abuse their children often use: she has a special coded language of cuteness and objectification calling the child her “little monkey,” and also the rationalization that she acts out of love. I am sure somewhere in the literature, you can even find the claim that sex with children makes them smarter, too.

“They may blame the children for being too attractive or sexually provocative. They may also maintain that they are “teaching” the child about “the facts of life” or “love”; this rationalization is frequently offered by pedophiles who have molested children related to them”

Read more: Pedophilia – children, causes, DSM, functioning, therapy, adults, person, people

Yukki, sexually abusive, and inappropriate, says I. And how can the child possibly ‘decide for ‘herself? The mother wields ultimate decision making, power, and influence over the girls mind.

If pornography is actually about power relationships and control, or even if equality was a goal, I wonder what the world would think if men had eight year old girls sucking on their tits while they masturbated, or assured us that eight year old boys need their penises held every time they went to the bathroom. We know where that would go…

Breastfeeding grown children is a betrayal of the parents responsibility, and a glimpse of one of the ways that female sexuality–and female abuse of children–takes a different form than sexual abuse of children by males.

Sadly, women feminists, and the actors within the women’s movement are hesitant or dismissive of any suggestion or attempt to categorize this and other inappropriate objectifying or abusive acts that women commit against children as criminal.

Yukki and age- inappropriate, in the very least, says I. But a potential clue about the nature, and difference of sexual abuse of children by women.

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My god is this woman cute. Or is this a woman-girl?? I CAN’T TELL, AND I DON’T CARE.  SHE IS TAKING A PICTURE OF HERSELF, which is alright with me.

Woman, or girl? Who cares: she snapped this picture herself. Keep your filthy warporn hands off of her.

Did the photographer get a consent form? Is she a child pornographer—taking pictures of herself?

Sure, her boobies are womanly boobiez, but that face!! It’s a baby face!! Is it a woman or is it a girl?? Am I feeling guilt and shame!?!

I don’t know myself…let me ask an American feminist, or a junk science dealer like the Womens Funding Network, because they are tools of the warporn industry who mix truth with lies, and always minimize the death, rape, violence and death directed at men, while trying to gain a foothold into other women’s lives.

Their sole purpose is to distract us from actual rapes that America commits during war, against men, women and children because they are the women in bed with warporn.

America  is using rape and rape anxiety as a tool of oppression  in the middle east today–raping little boys and men, even though they officially deny it.

The real trick to working with the US military, contract mercenaries like Blackwater/Xe, and the CIA, while using rape-based social engineering  is to not get caught.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY: keep the people at home in the US distracted and fighting amongst themselves with disinformation and inflated statistics about the definition of rape, pornography, and child pornography by putting on a heroes face “fighting against exploitation,” while using tax dollars, and military propagandists to insert official falsehoods into Wikipedia that minimize the initial onslaught of rape and the ongoing rape of Japanese women.

The military is in bed with American feminists, and has even co-opted legitimate outrage by using disinformation and topical redirection of the very brutal nature of US rape during occupation.

Here is a military-front group posing as a concerned, information clearinghouse for information about  “US Military Violence Against Women.”

Go see for yourself. It is like a nasty spider of distraction away from the systemic structural violence inherent in US occupation, and definite deterrent away from real change. And keep in mind that any man who might have anything to say is, well, um, dead, or under threat of further US military violence.

Below is a great quote and a link to a site they seem to be co-opting in the discussion, and a thread of thought that seems suppressed in their collusion with right wing feminist perspectives of social control, rather than eradication of rape or oppression.

Okinawa is a place where the armed forces have
learnt how to kill and hurt people in close proximity
to the local population for more than 60 years.
This situation breeds a structural violence, rather
than one that can be understood simply in terms of
the crimes of individual soldiers.


Soooo…if Isaw the girl in the picture on the internet…er…womans picture…er this picture on Craigslist, I would call the cops to help save her from exploitation!  Then, only cops could exploit her–or some soldier on a military base in Okinawa, where all Japanese women are seen as whores, and know their place.

Or the Womens Funding Network, who surely has a place to put her in. They love to play with thins…like statistics.

And besides, just looking at pictures of women on craigslist can tell you that they are toooo young for sexual consent! This one looks so young…but who can tell with azians? Their so tiny, right?

I don’t know, but my actual biological impulse is to sniffle at her lips, kiss her ears, and nuzzle her a little bit on them cheeks!!…and then run out and find some guy to beat up cuz HE took her picture, an proteckt her!

Some ixploitatitive bastard actually KNOWS her( eeew I am jellous), and ixploited her…made her show her boobies to the world!! Gerrrrghgh. Men…

Or…was it a guy? How do I know it wasn’t some bookish, bespectacled little dyke who studies Japanese, and has a penchant for kogirls?? I don’t know, do I—the internet is a minefield of maybes; one never knows if one is being propagandized, showered with porn-love, or set up in some American FBI www.honey-pot.pornography.setup.

Oh, who cares—America kicked Japans ass a long time ago—it was all their fault, whatever went on there ( don’t even talk to me about how desperate the western powers were to get at Japan’s goodies, and “open her up“)–so whatever we do with their women is our business.

I am just glad that the Voice of America broadcasts [link] were able to help enable this girl to lift off her shirt, and show me her fabulous baby-faced-rack. Yummmmmi. Gooooooshy…..delicious, right??

And Fuck You Tokyo Rose—you were a feminist long before American women woke up and peeled their liberated moms face out of their diapers!

But now, to the victors….

NO!! Wrong! Q! She is a sex slave!! She is being exploited!!! Stop pornography NOW!!. Pernography herts womyn an girrrrrlz!!

On the other hand…ahem….I see why we went to war against Japan…..this doe-eyed kitty is the spoils of war, 60 years later….now if my big-mouthed lesbian ass can only capitalize on IT, and punish them exploiterz for tempting me with that adorable rack!! Gud thing we didn’t dump depleted uranium on her tits…and besides, we had no choice on dropping nukes on Japs—they asked for it!!

Now i’m gonna call the FBI an report some guy for exploitation, because I don’t want bad things happening to kids and womyn cuz of wut some bad man did.

America is protecting children from exploitation by warning them about the dangers of American bombs dropped on their playgrounds.

Caricature on "The great epidemic of porn...

Image via Wikipedia

Recognizing that we [exist] are trapped in a society that circumscribes, coerces, violates and exploits our bodies as obstacles or as commodities through the co-option of our consent; and recognizing the inherent corruption and co-option of human nature due to the social compact of religious, ideological and capitalist systems, we protest.

We identify two kinds of pornographic representations of the body that the human being is forced to interact within. War porn and Sex porn—although a possible third kind of pornography exists, which is the co-opted academic debate and scholarship that seeks to rationalize, capitalize, or justify its existence through argumentation in favor of one or the other types of pornography.

We refer to this type of possible porn as “Academic porn,” the kind of dialogue that incrementalizes the urgency for liberation and human rights of one person over another person in an attempt to justify grants, fellowships, and academic notoriety, while quashing of other types of dialogues.

Definitionally, we use the term pornography derived from the freeware, open source dictionary “The Sage” to mean “creative activity (writing or pictures or films) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire”. However, we suggest that all alleged pornographic imagery is literary and potentially artistic, but most importantly, discussion worthy, which is our intended act against the confines of a definitionally murderous, war based society.

In light of that definition, we believe that there is no such thing as actual sexual pornography, but rather, only debates about social control and power structures that limit the discussions about the co-option of our bodies, and the bodies of others who have been used by such a systemic, dualistic and war-pornographic culture.

We suggest a moratorium on the pursuit or prosecution of sexual pornography related crimes to limit the scope to actual perpetrators, their associates, and their accomplices, and in its place a deeper analysis of the under-explored topic of war pornography. As well we are suggesting prosecution for war crimes by nations, and leaders of individual nations that commit them, instead of shaming human beings for sexual choices, portrayals, discussions and displays.

The issues of consent, patriarchal versus matriarchal values, child versus adult sexuality, and especially homo versus hetero sexuality are constant themes that are routinely brought up in discussions of sexual pornography, and I maintain that cannot be properly analyzed in times or in places where rulers use our own and others sexual bodies and sexual shaming against us, while they and their warporn oriented minions commit the ultimate attrocities of war-pornographic murder, death, actual disease, and “otherness” perpetuation.

We rebel at complicity with their definition and adherence to the idea that human images, portrayals, and discussions of sex in all of its forms has no ‘literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire,’ because such a definition draws a false and arbitrary line between our bodies and ourselves. Sexuality is not seperable from humanity, yet neither is all sexual thought, ideology, or feeling a stimulation—it is also inseperable from our experience, imaginations, and our bodies.

So, definitionally, we take the stand that warporn is their means of primary control over our bodies, and that sexporn is merely a tool of delineating a boundary through that body—of dividing and conquering—of discerning those who will or won’t comply with the capitalist murder agenda; that defining the sexual body is in itself a primary abrogation against individual will and intention, whether sexual or not.

Additionally, we take the stand that males are primary victims of warporn, and females the primary victims of sexporn, each with their own forms of danger and suffering attached, but that warporn is the more dangerous and socially maladapted and malevolent of the two, as death, torture, rape, imprisonment, and lifelong physical and mental injury is more lasting, and acknowleging its effects is more detrimental to the health of our society.

I suggest that their war on our bodies cannot be avoided, but that we can be understood between ourselves, and eventually remove them from power. The lens which we employ is analytical from a literary sense; sociological, sexological, anthropological, psychological and evolutionary from an academic perspective.

But the war on our sexual bodies is pure propaganda, aimed at distracting us from the horror of what our nation is doing to other bodies with bombs, guns, depleted uranium, and death. I hope to help others defeat death, and live more vibrant life by recognizing how pornography affects us all.