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Schizophrenic, homeless California man, Kelly Thomas cries for his father as six Fullerton, CA police officers beat, and Taser him to death. Thomas’ father is a retired cop.

Question: what state of mind, what social conscience–what social constructs— leads to a mindset that men should be beaten to death? See if you can spot the fascists in, or outside of the video.

Fascism begins with fear, then the ‘othering’ of races, classes, or nationalities, and displays itself as any form of ‘us versus them’ mentality. Men’s bodies are generally less than valuable, unless they can be used by the fascist society for work, or war; commodities that can also be loaned out or traded.

Male bodies are tools, objects, and entities’ that are a threat to police and the upholders of police state violence.

News footage and eyewitness account.

Does your version of humanism, or  feminism talk about men as tools, or objects? You might want to rethink that answer…or are you one of those “better HIM than ME” types?

Each time yet another man is killed or tortured, or beaten by police or state power, it is snuff porn, sung to the  American national anthem.

Kelly Thomas, beaten to death by police officers.

Happy 9-11 everybody, especially all of the little Eichmann’s! Keep your eyes open for fascists. See one yet? Take a look in the mirror–otherwise get off your ass, and take action against the invasion of America by ‘Americans’…

U.S. Northern command stationed in the United States expands beyond Northcom?

“Are YOU gonna git out of the cawr?”

The duhfenders of liburty in small town USA, perteckin’ ya from terruriss’s. “we just do what we’re told.”

Mayors across America are declaring “state of emergency” imposing curfews, and martial law.

“No gatherings of three or more people without a permit.”–martial-law-over-police-woes/

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillar...

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Silver-backing her, if you will. Cheney talks up a 2012 Hillary Clinton campaign | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

Like I said all along: American feminists are right wingers, and now, here’s the proof. One of the most right wing baby-bombing, rape-endorsing war hawks in America endorses Hillary Clinton for president. Don’t say I didn’t tell ya–the revolution is over, and we all lost.

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Have you heard of the Dear Woman campaign, which stems from the Manifesto for Conscious Men? The idiocy of a generation of middle class white people who are suffering from gynorhea after consorting with the feminist monolith, is palpable only when I watch this crap.

Here are some middle class, sensationalist gender panderers; the Oprafied, nutless mangina’s responsible, from Franc Hoggle’s site

  • Gay Hendricks, Oprah Winfrey regular and founder of the Hendricks Institute, who abandoned academic life for the goldmine of the self-help industry for the feeble minded. Also a pioneer in Radiance Breathing Meditation, which has earned him a series of honourable mentions at Quackwatch.

At first pass I was fully expecting the queen of man haters, John Stoltenberg2, to have been the captain of this ship, but he is not credited.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The campaign is a bunch of men apologizing for all men for the stuff that men do–even if they didn’t do it: “I may not have done bad things to you myself, many of the men who abused you may not be living; on behalf of my gender, I apologize for what religions created a thousand years ago have done to you….I apologize to you…” blahblahblah.

*puke* puke* puke* Franc Hoggle is still wiping up his dungeon floor after this vomit soaked male-apologist B.S.

The only thing more pathetic than this kind of sabotage of reality, and real human centered activism IS MAYBE A PICTURE OF FABIO ON THE COVER OF A ROMANCE NOVEL, LAYING NEXT TO A DILDO ON OPRAH’S QUEEN SIZED JACUZZI.

But fortunately, Will Ferrell is there to give us hope.

And the reply from fake guru Ardagh to Ferrell:

I can’t add anything other than what has already been said by others. Here is a good from someone responding to the video above:

“Oh yea, anger and resentment. Let me tell you what this really is about….dollar dollar bill y’all…The next step in the strategy of the “Dear Woman” campaign would most likely be to capture as many of the audience and convince them that through a modest contribution they would be absolved of all past transgressions as an authorized “Conscious man”. for a mere 19.95 + tax and shipping….gimme a break. posted by: chameleoncass”

Below is yet another reply from Ardagh and Hendricks, milking the Will Ferrell connection for all it is worth:

Comment: “thanks Will Ferrell for your ability to recognize the humor in this con.”

And here is the actual video–try not to laugh at the asinine whining of these idiots, and have an airplane bag ready for the barf afterwards.

“Based on the “Manifesto for Conscious Men,” a collectively-written document from a number of men who feel deep appreciation for the gifts of the feminine as a balance to those of the masculine. This document acknowledges many thousands of years of dominance of masculine power, and offers an apology for the suppression of women, in the spirit of a fresh start. The authors do not advocate the domination of men by women or feminine energy, but feel that a balance and equal respect for both energies will allow for a new wave of evolution on our planet.”

I recently fell into a shitstorm, and was tossed around and swirled and dunked until my underwear was in knots–no, it wasn’t my eighth grade prom swirlie-it was a discussion over feminism-isms.

And white female privilege.

Is it anti-feminist to call a trade “a trade”? Some think so, but I think real feminism is all about trade-offs, and bartering.

But who can one ask about that? Radfems are so busy trying to grow dicks that they cannot be reached; standard issue fems are confused about their massive power, and how to hide it from the truth; and young, nubile gnu-fems are still locked up in the bedrooms, or chained to the toilets of both of the above named suspects.

So who to talk to?? I asked the monolith.

Who knows about feminism more than Gloria Steinem?  It replied.

But she is such a relic, says I, a sellout, and not a real feminist.

Well, sure, there is the CIA, and it’s publication “Ms.Magazine” which never ran advertisements— a social engineering experiment in mass market subversion of dissent, rather than creation of dissent, said the monolith.

It was also controlled opposition, and Steinem was its editor in chief. I think it was perhaps one of the most successful campaigns to divide and conquer grassroots dissent ever.

But that doesn’t mean she can’t tell you the answer you are looking for, said the monolith. And so on.

And my oh my is it hard to talk about, or ask about white female privilege! So I will let a white, privileged women tell you about it instead.

Here’s Gloria Steinem on Charlie Rose August 11th, 2011, running many of the same feminist claims/myths/statistical conflations around:

1)The U.S. is number 70 [in the world] with women representing in national government–but once again failing to note that women in America are entitled to live off of men, and/or choose professions that PAY MORE than government service..

2) ‘women have affected the workplace only ‘by flooding into the workplace’, but real change is still to come, apparently. She forgets to mention that busting the unions, and women flooding the workplace were by design, as women were willing to work for less than the men who fought to create unions.

3) Comparing a a man with a BA degree and a woman with a BA  degree, she notes  “over life time man will earn 2 million more,” but forgets that a woman will get the mans paycheck regardless of her choice to stay or not stay at home and sit on her BA. A woman will also get the kids, the house, and spousal support if they divorce.

Interesting facts coming from a woman who was married by another woman named “Mankiller.” ( I am not making this shit up! Steinem married a South African who died of brain cancer, and their pastor was Wilma Mankiller)

But the real meat of the interview is how she notes that Betty Friedan‘s  book “The Feminine  Mystique” was really directed towards “helping well educated white women in the suburbs come into the labor force and play the role they were entitled to play.”

Ahhh, so white female privilege–an entitlement–does exist after all. Time to edit the Wikipedia white female privilege page in progress…

First reconstruction of Neanderthal man

Guy 1: Why do women prefer cavemen? Guy 2: I don't know--ask your wife. Guy 3: Have you SEEN his wife?

Sex with cavemen gave humans an immune boost: study

AFPBy Kerry Sheridan | AFP – Thu, Aug 25, 2011

 Sexual encounters with archaic humans like the Neanderthals produced children who inherited key genes that have helped modern humans fight illness and disease, said a US study published Thursday.
“The cross-breeding wasn’t just a random event that happened, it gave something useful to the gene pool of the modern human,” said Stanford University’s Peter Parham, senior author of the study in the journal Science.
Equipped with knowledge of the genome of the Neanderthals and the Denisovans, of whom a tooth and a finger bone were discovered in a Russian cave last year, researchers scoured the data for hints of what genes crossed over.
Scientists already knew that about four percent of Neanderthal DNA and up to six percent of Denisovan DNA are present in some modern humans…


The latest caveman DNA story above is even more evidence that modern humans and cavemen interbred, and that women prefer sexually aggressive sex partners. That is, if you believe the caveman stereotype.

But perhaps it is the other way around, and men prefer sexually aggressive females? We may never know, because women’s groups and feminists work so hard at denying actual, physical violence and aggression perpetrated by females, despite decades of evidence demonstrating that women are at least, or more aggressive than men.

We may never know because feminism in any western country is based in logical fallacies , and false dilemas that pervade diaolgues, and deny the power of kyriarchy.

But one thing is certain: it is literally in the financial interests of feminists and their allies in science to deny women’s violence, and perpetuate the sexist stereotypes of women as ‘helpless victims,’ rather than as capable people–there’s money to be made in perpetuation.

I should back up a bit: I don’t want to be accused of sexism by all of those sexists –(have you ever noticed how sexist the people who point out sexism actually are)?

So it would be more fair to point out that modern humans interbred with cavepeople, in this case the Denisovan group of ancestors.

We already knew that we are related to Neanderthals–who actually get a bad rap for violence, because of the sexist biases of modern scientists like Greg Laden,who maintain that Neanderthals were all rapists, despite evidence that they were spiritual and compassionate, and also evidence they took care of the handicapped amongst them.

Sex-biased scientists are almost as disreputable as religious ones, and  fanatics who believe the cavemen lived alongside dinosaurs, and ‘went to heaven.’ But you have to take science with a grain of salt these days, as the left/right religious and sexist wars rage through the facts.

So the stereotype prevails that cavemen were a brutal, male dominated species, and  the stereotype waxes and wanes in  currency, because some women are also financially invested in the idea of perpetuating the image of women as vulnerable, and helpless–which is anti-feminist–despite their own claims to the contrary!

Advancements of women who have at least, their own powerful identities, separate from monolithic feminism are nearly antithetical to the rape and rapeology industries that thrive and prosper in academia, government, and social services.

This type of feminist minces words or concepts like “nature versus nurture,” and act like its all one grand mystery how sexism is perpetuated (clue to feminist moms: stop treating your own daughter like a sex object), while pimping their daughters to middle class paradigms of ‘beauty’ and ‘ frailty’ in need of ‘protection’ from cavemen.

Nature and nurture are complex, and not simply explained from either a genetic, or a psychological reasoning, because social forces intervene in each. The bias of scientists selects for or against explaining this complexity–the religious doubt the genetic explanation, the sexists doubt the religious explanations, and both mangle the social implications of the discussion.

Psychological perspective:

Psychological-genetic explanation:

So how can we explain female college wrestlers Brittany and Brienna Delgado, subduing a fleeing hit and run suspect with chicken locks and chokeholds!?

“We do several moves where you stop your opponents,” said Brittany Delgado. “My sister and I are very proficient wrestlers and also played football in high school, so we know about tackling.”

My best guess is that these young ladies weren’t raised by feminists per se, or at least that kind of feminist– or scientists. I would guess they were raised by loving parents who were aware of the interplay between nature and nurture, as well as the biases in each corner.

But one thing is certain: the Delgado girls can probably handle themselves in any elevator–unlike young, white, middle class feminists raised by other middle class sex pandering feminists[see links at bottom for “elevators”] who sexualized their daughters.

As long as sexism and science are blurred with feminism, we may never know what women, or our own DNA really are made of, because like religion, there’s just way too much money to be made in arguing about it, and perpetuating false rape scenarios, and Virgin Mary complexes, rather than getting our human groove on–cave person style.

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Beyond dildo‘s and rubber duckies: women fucking themselves–with sex robots!

Considering the level of rhetorical and  verbal violence that feminists direct at men, it is always tempting to be as crass and cruel as they are. But I won’t stoop to that–I will go one better: some women are so self involved that they want to fuck themselves, literally.

Woman has sex doll made in her own image: “I was thinking of her as this object upon which to act.” Oh, do tell me what you really think of yourself…

I love it. Now if she could only get a personalized dick made in her size, too. But we know how equity feminism has let women down in that battle! Equity Feminism gave the white middle class entire ‘other’ classes of men to have sex with–and they’re still not happy…

Blue silicone dildo

I don't care if a person is white, black, brown, red,, blue or green...they're still people...!!

The world really is hard for the middle class white American female, isn’t it?

Pupa of Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet. Phot...

What IS a pupa?

For all the mean girls out there, who are that way for whatever reason, and the nice girls who need to stay away from them:

Just don’t be THAT girl, and it will all work out. That is a pupal promise to the air, the trees, the flowers, the breeze, and you.

That girl–you know, the one who passes around notes trying to talk about what a bitch some other girl is; if you have a problem with someone, tell them, or tell someone you trust, someone that you KNOW who cares about you–but gossip hurts everyone; her, him, you, and it’s other intended victims- the smelly hoi polloi.

That girl who is always surrounded by he-said and she-said; and always needs to stick her opinion in there somewhere, or put her nose where it might get hit?

Don’t be that girl, because she will get what she wanted by sticking her neb in there with those bees.

You know that girl, the one who wants to be popular, so bad that she will say and do anything she can to get there, even lying.  Because once she gets there, wherever that is? Her lies and manipulative games will make it hard for everyone who went there with her to want to stay. Even if she shows them her bloody nose,it doesn’t mean she didn’t stick her nose out there so far they won’t figure out that she asked for it, just to get attention.

And all of her friends will be as wangling and fake,  or disappearing only long enough to go get their own bloody noses to compete.
You know that girl, the one who is always telling you how bad her mom, dad, step mom, or step-dad is?  This, this or that ‘really happened’,  and ruined her day, and implying that he’s a pervert, she’s a controlling bitch, and they’re all crazy? Ask her for the facts, not her opinions about ‘maybe, could be, might be,’  but especially ask her about her world view; her future.

Ask that girl what she can do to change all that–and if she  doesn’t have facts, and a willingness to do something about those facts, tell her it’s time to put up, or shut up.

There are people in the world who are not her, and who have to live around even more harsh, unhappy facts every day that aren’t just about how she ‘feels’ about something.

You know, how that girl had some boy use her, dump her cheat on her, lie to her, slept with her at a party? She should spend more time looking in the mirror to figure out why the world reflected him to her; and why he was in that moment with her; or she should just stop looking in the mirror for answers, and go live life without worrying about what she looks like, or what he thinks about it.

That girl? Always some drama; always some scandal. But she made it all happen that way. Anyone else there was aprop, a petal that seated her bottom. If that girl didn’t want what she got, why did she look for a world where that is all that could be offered?

Make her talk about herself for a change, say it,  admit it out loud, and then tell her to DO SOMETHING about it, or tell her to quit lying. Refer her to the school counselor, sit her down with the people involved, or call the police before someone gets hurt by her mouth, her attention seeking behavior, her perpetual need for a good story to tell her ‘friends’ or her immature state of inertia to change the facts of her own world despite them.

But just don’t be her. Be yourself, and study hard; study truth, and study lies. Study things you care about. Then stay very far away from anyone who tells you they know either truth or lies–because no one knows everything except everything about themselves. And the ones who tell you they know something? They’re the biggest liars of all.
The ones who agree with you? The biggest lie ever…

If you are that girl?  Stop, right now, and look at yourself. Being her–is that what you want out of yourself? Is there another way, a better way to be yourself without hurting people? Without feeling like you need to control people? Without feeling like you need to be right, even when you are wrong?

Ask someone for help if you need it. Even ask the people who say they know truth, and especially ask the liars–they are the most fun, and you can see in them how transparent you are as well. The truth tellers? They’re liars too, but in a ‘smart sounding way’.

But when even you don’t like yourself, and you know it?  Move forward,and forget who you think you are. And don’t be her anymore. Just stop.  Act dumb for a day, a week, a month or a year; it’s o.k. to be less than you think you should be, and not who you told them you were. Besides, they all know how smart you are–after all, they know you, right? They are? Your friends…

Don’t worry about what they say you should be,or believe you are, for just for one day!  You can make up for that later–if you really think you need to. But you won’t ever need to…!

Just for one day: you are not smart or dumb, pretty, clever, attractive, mean, bitchy, gross, ugly, weird, sad, audacious, surfeit nor dying; you are not what they say you are, and even you don’t know what you are yet; you are expanding your horizons, and amnesiac.

This is the pupas, promise, and as such, delicate, but of eonian magnitude, It is the feeling of wings, and distension, beyond the dictates of  pupate limitations that otherwise fall prey to the beaks of birds who can only sqwawk about your flavor and drub their tongues at the cereous sides of their nibs when you are long gone.