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Posted: November 16, 2011 in Academic Porn, Fascist Tendencies, Fifty years later, Junk Science, Male bodies as objects

Pornalysis, chapter 1,will soon be a subscription only blog.  Any and all requests for past material, or future subscription, should be made to ( you know where).

Or. do what the petty, malevolent bastards do: get it while it’s still hot in Google cache! Cache in, before it’s too late!!!!

Then go rapeflate it, you fucks–but not without taking a piece of your own ass with you. And I do mean ass, in the pejorative sense.

I thank my faithful 2 or 3 readers from the bottom of my heart.

Ethan, I especially thank you, and yes, I now know what you meant with your ‘tornado/ grade school’  image/analogy. I was too stupid then to know, but I understand it fully now. My grand exploration is over. I too, can name names.

Lots of them. And the tornado, we agree, was a juvenile stunt of an ending, but necessary, despite ten other ways it could have gone. Imagine the grade books flying around! That might have been way more cool.

Great script too.

———————————————————————-line drawn

To anyone else peeking in ( especially from sunny California, land of ten thousand clay roofs with seagull shit on them, and ATT switched phones) you aren’t as transparent as you would like to believe you are.

————————————————————————Line drawn

Now:  Chapter 2 will focus more on effects, and less on cause. I will also give a nod to ‘origins’ in a way that will blow your socks off, and nod also to the geniuses, idiots, and day to day truth speakers who helped me phrase the difficult message I am sending.

I am not sure yet if I will nod to those who ‘came before me’ and were soundly lynched for it ( think ‘Injuns’, and settlers with ‘mail order brides’–and the hosts of the last ‘legal’ lynching in this state). After all, ‘we’ WERE here, or there, where they are all lekking now, and ‘we’ were here first-before their eugenic experiments.

I apologize for my crappy formatting ( you know the story), and move forwards with a wad of understanding in my pocket.  I move forwards with an understanding ( again, Ethan thank you for that dark moment of doubt, where you filled my pocket with bigger game points) that it really isn’t an honest world, and there exist those within it that can really ruin your day by association.

I apologize for my attempts to trust–I AM the weak link–you didn’t lie about that!  Fascism truly sneaks in, one justification at a time.

And I will heed that advice forwards.

Meantime–you were right here as well–the pogroms have begun, in places ( again–am I sounding redundant?) where I thought trust was more firm.

There’s a great story in the New York post about that yesterday. Swastikas, and ‘graffiti’ on sidewalks. They roll like that here, too, in sheep’s clothing.


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