Read this as if it didn’t happen this morning. Read this as if it didn’t happen to you, or me. Or, read it as it is written. Your choice. I just wish it didn’t happen.

Yet it didn’t take too much time for things to heat up in my world ( you know what I mean).  The right wins, because they own the left in America. Crypto-fascists cannot be trusted. I will write more on that when myhead is more clear.

Do you believe in coincidence? I don’t.

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web

They are everywhere. And watching. Listening, but not hearing; looking without seeing. And don't even think they have feelings--they don't.

But two people that came here to live the American dream, who ‘rode across’ in gasoline tanks, and walked across deserts, and mountains with a liter of water and worn out shoes–people who came,  and worked hard, and  lived nearly free in a foreign country are no longer amongst the ‘free’ in the ‘land of the free’.

They are at INS-ICE lockup, down  in […]. I can’t tell you the all the details of how they actually get here,  as I  do not want  to add to their misery with more useless ‘facts,’ which are always ‘ammunition’ for right wingers, crypto-fascists and ‘officials’ of government.

This morning at8:30 a.m. I got a call–the INS had come to round up a few “illegals” who were living in […].

My caretaker says ”  They wanted to know if […] and […] live here.”

I said “Don’t open the door. They can’t come in without a warrant.”

He said ” It’s too late. They had some serious looking papers. They came earlier, and your phone was turned off. They took […] and […] and they even asked me for papers. But they were here specifically for those two. They had pictures, and some papers.”

I said “But they can’t do that–she is here seeking asylum! She filed papers and …,” and I stewed about how ignorant people are– of the warrant requirement.

He said “They took her anyways. I don’t know what she was saying because I don’t speak […], but she was crying, and had papers in her hand-and[…] was crying too, and he tried to explain that she was here as an asylum seeker. They left a card and a number for you to call.”

I was outraged. I was pissed–in fact, there are no words to describe what I am feeling now. Flashbacks maybe, or just fucking pissed. And I never imagined […] could cry–he is such a stoic.

For the record, I am not  ‘family’, and I cannot speak with them unless I am their lawyer, advocate or other legally appointed representative.

Both of them are people that I ate with; played volleyball with; shared language, and learning with, and planted flowers with all summer long; and people who i cooked for, who always acted overly polite when offered it  ‘small portions, only  please,’ (!), but who always gave me huge plates of theirs saying ‘”try this. I used to serve it in a restaurant back home -try it”.

And i would eat, and never ask for seconds because it was worth thirds. It was THAT good.

“Did you get any paperwork at all?”

“No,” he says, ” It was all so fast…she was cooking breakfast …and…”

“The law says they have to leave paperwork,”  I said, not sure of the law and immigration or myself at that moment. I remembered that they put their names on the mailbox: “he” was giggling, her future husband was teasing “her” about having a home…

Turns out he–my caretaker- let them in–so, no paperwork required. See what happens when everybody doesn’t know the rules…?

I had been trying to drum up money to buy them a restaurant–my thought had been to buy an old house, and start it as a soup and coffee shop. Their idea was far more humble–they only wanted a stand in a market. They could hide easier amongst others in similar situations.

Both of ‘them’ were driven off in ” a big white van” this morning. Name it shame it, tame it–then claim it,  mother fuckers, but this ain’t even started yet, was my first thought.

Time will tell, was my second–and my third thought? Refer to the first thought if time don’t open it’s mouth pretty damn quick.

‘He’ was a fry cook, and ‘she’ was fleeing a country that was recently on the U.S. ‘watch list’ of potential terror ‘supporters’.  She was also a domestic violence victim: her husband told her that he would chop her into pieces and cook her if she ran away.

And when she told me that story, she would laugh, and then, look away nervously, or at her new mate, who, as it turns out […] was her ‘old love’ as well; her lover back home, and itwas he who paid her way here, too. They planned to get married…

So she ran away anyways, against her husbands ‘will’.  ‘Welcome to America,’ I remember telling her with an odd ‘paternal’ happiness–happy that I could provide a home.

She and her would-be-future-brother-in-law will be flown ‘home’ after a hearing or two, I am told, to live once again next to a trembling volcanoe. Her love–the man she ran away to be with, will remain here, because he has the right paperwork.

Or: he or  I can pay for a lawyer, and be told the same thing i was told last time: they can extend it by a year, and then, maybe, she will be able to stay–but, like last time, if experience is any kind of teacher, she will be sent back anyways, and right quick.

But likely, she will be dumped just across the Mexican border, in Juarez, like so many are these days, as the U.S. refuses to accept some forms of paperwork from ‘illegals.’

But fuck you, and anyone who shits on ‘the little people’: capital FUCK, littler you, and anyone who condones this, or pushed for it to happen–team ‘community snitch’ ala the Patriot Act. The problem is, it’s always the ‘wrong’ people getting shipped out of here, and the ‘right’ ones remaining.  And when I say right, I mean–that was really, really wrong.

  1. showard76 says:

    It is truly sickening the way these things work. I hope you are able to help your friends and I’m so sorry they have to go thru this. Just shows even ore how screwed up this world is 😦

    • pornonymous says:

      Yeah. people are petty, and short-sighted. In my culture ( same in yours?) their are certain people who think they are heroe’s for calling immigration–and most of those people are ‘patriots’ who complain about having an unemployment problem–but they won’t do the jobs these “illegals” do.

      I’m sad too. The latest on that have a 24% chance of staying, if I foot the entire bill, and even then they are given only a year.

      Some American dream that turned out to be.

      Hey– your writing is getting fun! I liked your piece about the expensive photo. Well done…

  2. showard76 says:

    It is the same BS here, people are always moaning about immigrants (latest here Polish) but we have so many white low class scum who won’t work (not because they can’t they are just lazy bastards) but they moan about “these people coming here and taking our jobs and benefits” yet ‘these’ people come here cause they know ‘our’ people are too lazy to take the jobs available (which isn’t many in the first place) and they think ‘I would love to do that job’ so I my opinion they have more right to be here as they are willing to work and contribute to the economy – unlike what the scum think these people don’t come here to scrounge, they come here to get away from persecution and to work. I pisses me off the attitudes of my ‘peer’ group! :@

    Thanks, I am doing a variety of things on here (as always) it’s often surprising what stuff is popular, lol. My most popular ever post is the one about Herman the Friendship cake!? lmao

    I’ve got a contraversial one lined up for next Friday about Margaret Thatcher – looking forward to the views I get on that (most people hate her, but my post is asking why, as the ususal arguements for why she was so bad don’t carry much weight with me! hehe)

    • pornonymous says:

      Re: “(not because they can’t they are just lazy bastards) but they moan about “these people coming here and taking our jobs and benefits” yet ‘these’ people come here cause they know ‘our’ people are too lazy to take the jobs available (which isn’t many in the first place) and they think ‘I would love to do that job’ so I my opinion they have more right to be here as they are willing to work and contribute to the economy ”

      We cal those guys and gals “white trash” here. And our immigrants come from all over.

      But I have serious question for you about class: do you think those people are entirely lazy and so forth, or is it possible that they are scapegoats for larger social problems?

      For instance, here, there are so many ‘traps’ that the poor fall into, and the biggest one is being parents too young. The females are ‘rewarded’ with a variety of social programs like health care, and job training, and education, but men are most often relegated to work, and child support, meaning that the opportunity structure is biased against males. Then, the ‘support’ meaning money, is taken at a great percentage from their paychecks, limiting any entreprenurial opportunity.

      The state always wins–they get to use these people as cheap labor and also to ‘justify’ the prison industrial complex, as well as scapegoat them as ‘mentally’ deficient.

      Then, we allow immigrants in on limited basis and those immigrants come here with a ‘clean slate’ no matter what they did in their home country, and we ‘pit them’ against the others who we view as ‘scum’.

      It seems more complex to me…there really is nowhere for our poor to go to increase their opportunity except the military. Worst of all, where can they go to get immediate government benefits and so forth?

      Lot’s of complexity there…

      Let me know when your Thatcher piece is finished!

  3. showard76 says:

    Yeah white trash fits these folks too!

    I think there is a mixture between the genuine people stuck in poverty traps and the true lazy cunts. I’ve met both types,

    Usually those in the true poverty trap are actually not on benefits as the fall in the gap our society has created they work on low income but also part time so are not entitled to benefit top-ups or they don’t have kids so can’t get top-ups, a variety of things, but these are the people who are trying to help themselves.

    Then there’s those who can’t work due to medical problems etc who actually live quite comfortably on benefits (as we did when I was my husbands carer) but usually these ones detest being on benefits and would rather work and have less money than the benefits provide, but can not work.

    the there’s the scum, these range from teenage girls who actively seek to get pregnant so they can get benefits and housing with their only intention being to keep popping out more babies to keep their income and housing with no intention of working, and lads who want to video game 24/7 and blame society for them not working (when they had no intention of even trying to find work anyway) – these are the sort that proclaim they are the ‘99%’ while the previous 2 types would rather not ‘shout’ about the unfairness of their situation preferring to try and improve it for themselves (not occupying wall street asking for freebies)

    But at the same time society is to blame for all 3 scenarios I’ve described because it rewards the wrong things and behaviours…

    Over here I think bringing back National Service is a first step we need to take, our young people need some discipline and ‘fight’ instilled into them and if they can’t/won’t go to college/work straight from school (male or female) then they should have compulsory national service – just the threat of that should be enough to kick a lot of these kids into action rather than just growing up with the expectation that they can just ‘sign-on’ for benefits on their 18th birthday and not have to do anything more to better themselves.

    hmmm, do you think my lack of sympathy for these lazy gits shows through much? lol It is the first group I really feel for, those who are doing their best, working, learning but end up trapped, even they know they would probably be better off jacking it in and going on benefits but they don’t want to become the white trash. I know a lot of people in that scenario and these are clever, funny, kind people who are never going to amount to anything because of the trap. But those real scum should just be sterilised at a young age and made to serve in the army as they actively brag about how they are screwing the benefits system but slag off immigrants, those on medical benefits and low waged, the true white trash (and white is definitely also an true label as hardly any of these who are the type you would you see on jeremy kyle and that are people who aren’t white – they make me ashamed to be white!)

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