Being in the Public Eye is tougher for some people than others…

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Academic Porn, Devolution, Rape and Rape Culture, Real feminists are actually just great women who defy labels entirely

–unless you are a publicity loving scandal engineer.

Every now and again the internet is like a diamond mine: you dig through mountains of crap, get caught up in dozens of useless flame wars, or bad videos, and the next thing you know, all that dirt and rock kicks up a gem. Like and its fresh perspectives on Somalia, or….

Like : The U.S. Christian Right and the Attack on Gays in Africa.

Click me to go to the Public Eye!

Absolute surprise, and joy: Such was the case when I was researching part of my thesis, which is that American culture wars, as dishonest, and  useless as they often are, spill over into other places and create actual wars, as well as–once in awhile–act to prevent them, or otherwise create actual productive dialogues.

Public Eye [dot] Org was one such diamond– a fifteen carat beauty that fell off the top of the mountain, without any imperialist, or slave labor involved in finding it.

Have a look yourself! [Public Eye Press Room Here!]

Three people in chains, probably somewhere in ...

Gratuitous reminder: three slaves in chains in East Africa. Africa, slavery, or other social problems didn't go away when slavery ended in the U.S. image from Wikipedia


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