5-Year-Old Jhessye Shockley

There are several striking similarities between the disappearances of 10-month-old baby Lisa Irwin and 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley. Both children are girls, both were last seen in their homes. Lisa has been missing for over a week, Jhessye has been missing for nearly a week.

Police investigating both cases have been challenged by strings of dead-end tips and a lack of evidence in general. The mothers of both Lisa and Jhessye have made tearful televised pleas for their children’s safe return.

Right about now you may be wondering why you haven’t heard more about Jhessye Shockley, or maybe even why you haven’t heard of her at all, when Lisa Irwin’s story has been plastered all over the news….

More of the Story Here from Cafemom.com.


Baby Lisa Irwin has been headline news for the last week and yet I did not hear about Jhessye Shockley until yesterday.

I was too busy following the story of Baby Lisa, and the story of Amanda Knox–both white females. I was busy  following the pattern of women who cry in the media eye,  and are then vindicated later. I was focused on the narrative of the disappeared child.

The main difference? One of the children is white, and one is not white. And we all know what that means, right?


  1. showard76 says:

    Awful but so true! Children go missing everyday, but it’s only a tiny minority that make headline news – usually white, usually higher income families, usually female… :/

    • pornonymous says:

      Yeah, sad really. Here in America, there is something we call the Little Red Riding Hood narrative–if a white girls face is attached to a cause, it’s easier to sell the issue to the public. There is much abuse, and much mis-use of the narrative.

      The African American women have a name for the syndrome: “white woman’s tear’s,” and all of the white females that deny, or rationalize their privilege claim that they are victims of mystical forces of oppression that are equal or greater than black/other/othered women.

      It’s a topic that needs to be addressed, and since they don’t do it, I do;-)

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