Boadicea Haranguing the Britons

Boudica, wherefore art thou, Boudica?

[Warning: This post contains links to a story of old goats bullying young goats. Also, I am writing under high stress due to the fact that I am surrounded by a herd of 5 human females–one of them obscenely stuffing  her boob in a little persons mouth! Appalling, really…*]

Ophelia Benson writes books. That is how she makes her money.  And she is a misandrist, a sexist, and a snob who uses violent words, the repression of words, and tribal politics to stir up violence against other women.

Female’s bullying females is autocachthonous** within the chemistry of a war-like culture.

She advises her friends to target, and bully others. ( I won’t cite that because I am against encouraging violence, and hesitant to send any onlookers to her site, but I recommend learning self defense at every opportunity.)

Well, one of her recent targets is Abbie Smith, a virologist by trade, and a blogger who is one of the few on the internet who does not censor speech–which is really the censorship of ideas, and criticism of ideas. These types of people who are bullying Smith claim that they are battling trolls, but really, that is a hollow argument–they are actually pushing political agendas, and actively silencing dissent.

Abbie Smith has stood against the assaults of an entire internet community of misandrists, and bullies who demanded that she “get in line” and “know her place” in a social hierarchy of white middle class values.

And Ms. Smith didn’t do that. So they all piled on her–like a gang rape. I won’t link to their vile posts and blogs, but I will point to Ms. Smiths bold and unusual method of resistance to female bullying.

The thread I point to is worth the time to read, and often hilarious; and quite likely an actual evolutionary bang–the place of the abiogenesis of a new way of looking at old wormy, worn out issues that have proven themselves to be false narratives.

Many women are bullies the way that Ophelia Benson is a bully.  Part of my thesis is that this female bullying  largely goes unnoticed by the wider society–and this combines leads to other related behaviors, which are seldom studied in terms of female specific forms of social violence.

Feminist criminology is itself exclusively devoid of terminology to deal with female crimes and actual bad behavior, which  leads to larger, bigger forms of bullying–not least of which is what you see in action at the ERV blog, and those who call for censorship against it.

In fact, the lack of examination of women’s violence against women, and women’s violence and aggression against children, is the central part of my thesis. I believe it leads to war. I also believe that by not discussing, critiquing, or analyzing female violence outside of the feminist paradigm creates and perpetuates a dualistic male/ female paradigm wherein violence is more likely to occur.

I thought I had a friend, once,  an aged old silver back who was cannibalized in the feminist culture-wars and who was blind to the female half of imperialist actual wars,  who told me something about evolution which I have never forgotten–well, most of it anyways.

My former imaginary internet friend said: “There are four F’s that describe all of animal behavior; which leads to gene transfer; which leads to evolution. ”

1. Females. 2. Food 3. Fighting 4. Fucking.

I am sure there was another one or ten F’s in there but those are the basics of how it all happens. And it is also the basics of how violence begins in a herd as well. ( I mean, sure, there’s feeling, friskiness, finagling, flippant face farting and so forth that all figure into it , but they aren’t the big ones.)

No–don’t EVER presume that violence begins  merely over food–quite not. In fact, violence is a herd behavior  that is a constant, and bigger violence, which begins like a spark in a herd that is composed of females of varying ages foraging for food ( picture goats with their butts in the air, tails twitching, circled around a haystack), leads to male competition for the females–a sexual–and dialectical resource.

(male violence is a whole ‘nother issue, but most often in a herd it is one on one.)

But most conflict almost always begins when an older female initiates some form of aggression or violence against a younger female–or, in simple terms, old goats bully young goats.  And, in this case, Ophelia Benson, et al, is bullying Abbie Smith–not that the goat analogy fully fits humans mind you; we are more like chimps, or gorillas, or…ahem.

Well, you can read through it if you want to and figure out who is who. Go here for a primer.

Oh! if only women would be the actual warriors they claim to admire! Boudica, wherefore art thou? Why hast thou forsaken the white middle class feminist woman?

Ms. Benson goes on and on ( you know how they do!) about the oppression of women, and so forth. Despite the fact that she is clearly middle class, well off, and some kind of atheist or another, she still believes in demons–men are all  demons to her, and her friends.

Well, needless to say, she is also a white woman–which fits my thesis: no single group, social class, caste, race, or identity has ever made more money, or profited in one way or another from the violence of the world than white women.

If hearing that bothers you–run along! There is nothing we can say to each other. And, if in some way, you agree with that statement ( and of course there are exceptions indeed) continue to follow along if you want to. I promise I won’t hurt you 😉

But no single class race, or gender has ever avoided more prison time, been raped fewer times, or been sold less often, much less been held accountable for their aggression than white females. And their core belief is always to start shit, and then run! Let the police, and the soldiers do the fighting for them! You know–the little people who uphold the privilege.

Her thesis, which is odd coming from someone who claims they are a humanist.  Ah–but therein lies the rub–she was a feminist first!  Which explains why she makes her money through aggressively pursuing other women, and policing their behavior.

Old feminists in the herd ALWAYS means violence is just around the corner…Don’t say I didn’twarn you.

For more on females bullying females, click me!

* The obscenity is that they are a book club talking about how appalling the conditions in Africa are, with (totally puking now) a copy of Alice Walker in their hands–but the little guy on the boob seems to be hungry enough (I mean–he’s on the breast, not just on the boob discussing Walker’s worn out, quasi-truthful, misandry riddled account  of male female interactions). But the epitome of actual appalling is not drawing age appropriate boundaries between mother and child.

**autocachthonous is my big word of the day. It means originating where it is found.

  1. showard76 says:

    Love the warning at the beginning! lol

    I wholeheartedly agree that women are the biggest bullies out there, I have experienced it first hand! The way I see it is that there is nothing so threatening to a woman than another woman – especially a ‘nice’ woman and they will then go out of their way to do all they can to try and destroy this ‘nice’ person, or at least provoke them to show they are as ‘nasty’ as the bully. Women like me (although hurt and disturbed) do not respond the way they want (i.e do not attack back) so the nasty ones then pull all the stops out to hurt us more. When I wrote my post about chivalry, claiming I don’t believe it is sexist I had a fair bit of abuse from feminists, but this one made me laugh as this person just ‘slagged’ me off on their own site without having the guts to contact me or comment on my post!

    • pornonymous says:

      Hey there. Nice to see you again;-P

      Well, if you recall, that is exactly what I liked about you. You call your own shit! I like that in a woman, where the dialogue is almost always framed as victim, etc.

      Whatever happened to humans? Oh, that’s right–co-opted by the right, with ‘feminists’ tossing their skirts up under the noses of the bobbies!

      We all have issues–the real questions are 1) do we project them onto others? 2) do we demand that others give us special space? and 3) do we abuse others and then step back and recognize it, apologize and move on klike adults, and so on 4) A ton of other issue related BS!!!

      Well, again–I loved your accountability, and your dealing with it as you do.

      Hey I would like it if you would stumble over to the linked post ( just skip over the parts where I am giving some guys shit over their favorite BPD girl, or just laugh your head off–long story!) I will also check out your link.

      If you read it in the right tone, you will have fun–these femtards ( they really are not feminist in any sense of the word) get roundly rebutted at every turn, and now they are calling for a boycott of Abbie Smith–the blogger. Bullies is what they are.

      Come on by!! Or just lurk–but let me know your nym if you use one( see my contact info)

      I recommend you use a nym, because the American Femtard Posse are always taking names and making lists. They are the next best thing to National Socialism–funny how they seek police attention…


      • showard76 says:

        I’ve been reading the thread of comments over at Abbie’s blog – WOW, what a mixed bag, from clear, clever well-articulated accurate comments through to absolute drivel! I’m sticking to lurking, safer that way, lol

  2. pornonymous says:

    Hey–yeah, that is a wild ride indeed. There are a few posters from the Isles on that thread too. Generally a great crew, but we have been cast as the “bad werdz” ppl by the other blogs linked there.

    We threw sexism out the window thousands of times in that thread–and did a few other things with it too!

    The fun of it is the language! If you want a primer on how fun it is to play with words that mean “penis” or “vagina” it’s all there…but the wit behind the debate about censorship is pretty priceless, and very American.

    We are all sticking up for Richard Dawkins, because some whiner called hime a ‘white privileged male’ and so forth.

    I am the one pushing the white privileged female meme( don’t take it personal and all…), and it seems to be catching on;-)

    Hey, BTW–is it popular in Britain for the feminists etc. to attack WMP? Good for the goose, good for the gander too!

    The funny ones tend to be ERV/Abbie of course, franc hoggle, John C. Welch, Justicar, and many others. The big names that are getting creamed are all leading atheists and bloggers: PZ Myers, Greg Laden Ophelia Benson.

    But on topic? Remember me and you had a talk about BPD? Notice this one woman bluharmony, and how she deals with me on that thread by calling me a nut. My guess is she has one or the other BPD’s but wouldn’t admit it–and our cat/dog fight was quite a big deal for a minute.

    Ugh–I hate when it gets too personal and mean like that…the big secret is–I have my own MH issues too, I just don’t hang ’em on a blog, or blame others for them.

    • showard76 says:

      hehe it is all good fun! some people just can’t take things for what they are (fun) they have to take it personal! shame on them!

      I’ve not really seen much of brit feminists kicking off to the degree that US ones do, maybe ours are a bit more laid back (get laid once in a while, lmao)

      I noticed bluharmony seemed to get a bit wound up at times, lol (needs to get laid!), I’m finding sharing my BPD issues is helping others (it is also helping me understand myself better) but have noticed some of BPD women are a bit touchy/bitchy (though probably still to a lesser degree than feminists and fake stuck up (White privileged female) bitches!

      • pornonymous says:

        Oh nooooooesss! You said “bitches” –don’t you know how that pisses off the American women? It means you hate all women!! You hate yourself!!!


        I started out highlighting one piece or another of your reply, but then I realized I wanted to respond to all of it! You really do a great service to both women, and BPD sufferers/survivors by speaking out and keeping that central to your presentation. I t provides important context, and valuable insight into your characater and personality.

        The bluharmony thing is that she was consistently shitting on me, and ran the idea through that crowd that I was somehow crazy–and that’s O.K., but not cool in this larger sense: if you want to claim you are feminist, then stand on your own two feet. But she wasn’t–she was constantly trying to undermine a discussion about privilege, and constantly using me as a punching bag to do it.

        That damaged her in two way: 1) she revealed that she was depending on male authority ( to kick my metaphorical ass) and 2) she wasn’t arguing honestly by prefacing her assault on me with “by the way, I understand mental health issues.”

        And a bunch of other stuff too. If you read on, you will see she crashes and burns sometime around the 1500’s or s/th. AND, yes, as you noted, she even attacked my sexuality@! Yup–needs to get laid 101, is a valid explanation for most middle class, attention seeking feminism.

        And BTW, I am not anti-feminist, or feminist or any of tiose other labels–they are old labels and I am trying to work my thesis uop to a new set of constructs. The reason I am ridning white female ass right now isn’t because I hate them at all ( I love women generally–the ones who make sense) buty because they need a kick in the metaphorical ass to recognize their special place in history.

        That gets ALL of our class/race/gender baggage out in the open–and opens dialogue.

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  5. showard76 says:

    lol, ohh dear how unfortunate that I use ‘bad wordz’ ;P hehe

    Thank you for the support re my BPD, I’m glad it is helping people!

    Yeah, Bluharmony has the wrong approach, using those approaches only shows how little understanding someone like her really has of the issues! It’s nice to watch these people crash & burn! 😀

    How long till you complete your thesis? I bet it will make interesting reading!

    (btw, the new layout on your blog is a bit freaky! lol)

    • pornonymous says:

      You do or don’t like the layout? I like the ‘academic journal’ aspect of it, but it has it’s drawbacks.

      Well, re:”how little understanding someone like her really has of the issues!” I think she is well aware of the issue, and used it in several places to manipulate people–particularly men. The women weren’t having it, and neither was I. Been there done that. Manipulators always dump baggage in my lap, and leave me feeling used.

      I should also say that when I say that I think psychological definitions are as problematic as they are useful. Some time in the 1950’s, we shifted from a Freudian approach to one that usurped the story of the individual, in favor of a social narrative that explained ME as essentially, a problem with a patients ‘social choices,’ and so forth.

      This model is one that tends to blame the mentally ill for their own illness. And THAT illness isn’t always an ‘illness’ per se, but a ‘difference’ from the psychologically established ‘norm’.

      I am not a firm facebook friend of psychology as a rule, because much of it has the exclusive purpose of social control, rather than healing, and even has eugenics implications! In the 1950’s all European cultures underwent a makeover, and the psychologists married themselves to the idea that they could control populations ( and even whole nations and races!) by employing psychology as a tool of social engineering.

      Which, to me at least, is against the Hypocratic oath of “doing no harm.” Thus, only pathological narcissism is rewarded, or seen as beneficial to society, rather than creative BPD’s, or constructive BPD’s or poetic, revolutionary “anti-socials” and so forth. All those misleading labels which only uphold the constructed social order….

      Psychology essentially removed the blame from society ( for instance: how many people suffer police brutality, social violence like racism, and poverty, or child abuse from women that has no tolerance in discourse? And what are the effects on those peoples social functioning after that?)

      It is this aspect of destructive aspect of psychology that I argue with–it acts as a tool of social construction rather than one of insight, or healing.

      When I say BPD, I am talking about Bi-polar Disorder, and also Borderline Personality Disorder, sometimes inter changeably. I think there are similarities, but also, I notice that men are more likely to be diagnosed Bi-polar, and thus, implicated in criminal behavior, whereas women are more often relegated to borderline and thus ‘out of control’ and less socially accountable for criminal behavior. I think this hurts everybody, and definitely keeps us from being ‘equals.’

      My thesis? Oh noooooeeees! I have no deadline! I am frankly overwhelmed most times with information, and focus–I get my own wires crossed;)

      And I should clarify, so that I don’t mislead you: I am writing as a journalist cum fiction writer, not as an academic. I refute the academic explication almost entirely, because it is, by design, the very gate that keeps us trapped in class war, whereas literature is the liberator of minds, and generations to come.

  6. showard76 says:

    re the layout – it’s all too ‘squashed’ on the left, with too much blank space on the right = not visibly pleasing nor user friendly for navigation 😦

    urgh manipulators! icky!

    I guess that’s why I’m drawn more to sociology – I see things (mental health problems and ‘everything’ else) as socially constructed and the role of society in creating, controlling and destroying all aspects of the ‘individual’ frustrates me as the ‘blame’ for all these things gets firmly placed back on the individual, by psychologists, when it is not something they can control as sociology evidences…

    I find that more than the sex differentiation between bipolar and BPD there is a class differentiation, richer more likely bipolar, poorer more likely BPD. With gender I think it is more female = BPD, male = ASPD (anti-social personality disorder) as ASPD are more likely to be violent/criminal, while BPD are more emotionally unstable (t use the psychological terms) – which as you say negates the women’s ability to be criminal and violent…

    Have you read Ben Elton’s Blind Faith? A true literature liberation! he writes some great fiction ripping apart the ‘social’ lifestyles we currently (and may in the future) lead, love it!

    • pornonymous says:

      “richer more likely bipolar, poorer more likely BPD. With gender I think it is more female = BPD, male = ASPD (anti-social personality disorder) as ASPD are more likely to be violent/criminal, while BPD are more emotionally unstable (t use the psychological terms) – which as you say negates the women’s ability to be criminal and violent…”

      ” female = BPD, male = ASPD”

      I will have to revisit that old argument in my studies, but your version might well have been close to what I was trying to say! I get my wires crossed sometimes, as my head is like an overstuffed suitcase.

      I agree with your telling though, and I appreciate that you also note the gender discrepancy. It is one of the great failings of society to continue to frame the issue as gendered. On the one hand, feminists want the rights of women without assuming the responsibilities that are heaped on men via definitions of criminality, or expecations to uphold social violence (war).

      Criminality and violence is the residual effect of ‘engendering’ males to be that way–and society is virtually unaccountable for it when it goes “wrong” i.e. the violence is domestic, rather than imperialist.

      As comforting and comfortable as the male-female gender dynamic is, it really is an out dated paradigm. One of the things about feminist narrative is that no matter what the truth of a situation is, they reframe it so that women are always victims, even when they are perpetrators! Bizarre, and counter-productive considering that virtually all children are raised by women.

      The day I see accountability there is the day I become a feminist–don’t hold you breath;-)

      And no–tell me more about Ben Elton! How does he eviscerate ‘sociality’?

      • pornonymous says:

        Also: I think you are spot on with the Anti-social male. Men are expected to be all sorts of crude things, as long as society can manipulate us into liking to be thatway–but as soon as we reject the labels? Or reject the violence? “He’s anti-social!”


  7. showard76 says:

    Hehe, I’m sure you will ‘Love’ Ben Elton! In Blind Faith he rips at religion, politics, love, sex… well just about everything really, the blurb includes the following descriptors –

    “A world where everyone knows everything about everybody. Where ‘sharing’ is valued above all, and privacy is considered a dangerous perversion… religious intolerance combines with a sex-obsessed, utterly egocentric, culture… nakedness is modesty, independent thought subversive and ignorance is wisdom’

    He is a British comedian and author, known for satire, you can find out more about him here –

    I’ve never been so interested in his TV shows or comedy, but his books are wickedly funny. I have read Blind Faith, Past Mortem, Stark, Popcorn, Dead Famous, Blast from the Past and High Society (not leaving many more to read – I hope he writes some more soon! lol)

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