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Moral Campaigns always have wide-legged white women at the center.

“Organized walks are usually meant to promote a charity, but that’s not the plan for a walk this weekend in the Twin Cities, James Schugel reports (2:06).”

MORE HERE: Twin Cities ‘SlutWalk’ Protests Sexual Violence Against Women.

SlutWalks, in case you haven’t heard, are a tool of police state feminism . They are controlled opposition that focuses women and girls on a war against words, rather than focusing them on a war against war.

While eradicating the world of “slut shaming” sounds like a good idea, it consumes the resource pool of dialogue to the point where this type of mis-directed sexist rhetoric effectively killed the abnti-war movement.

And none of it–none of it–will stop them from sending men–potential allies– to prison because men are framed in the dialogue as threats to the privileged white female social order. That order seeks alliance with police and state mechanisms of power, while demonizing men who do not venerate such an order. This challenges white female privilege in discussions of constructionist social intervention.

Their reply to the challenge? Sluts shouldn’t feel objectified! It appears that sexism is a two way street, and this sort of dialogue drives on both sides.

Yet prison serves only one purpose: it serves as a rapist’s training ground, and incarceration of male voices does little to end global violence against women and men of color by white people.


This march will host more angry white women than you will ever want to lay eyes on again. If you want to end rape, forever, don’t have white children–but also, don’t  leave children in the care of child molesters, and angry violators of social norms that affect children.

White women have the ugliest hearts you will ever see–and no matter how you dress up the piggy, put apples in it’s mouth, fishnets on its legs, or barbeque it, it is still pork.

Pigs of a feather, fly togetheR, when it comes to the Motherland. This version of feminism is just more of the same: white women running diversionary plays against society at large ever witnessing  the real picture of police brutality–and more feminist rapeflation, and proto-fascism in action, attacking straw men, instead of real people, institutions, and organizations that  make the wortld a less pleasant place to live.

  1. […] Twin Cities ‘SlutWalk’ Protests Sexual Violence Against Women ( […]

  2. […] Twin Cities ‘SlutWalk’ Protests Sexual Violence Against Women ( Share this:ShareStumbleUponEmailDiggTwitterLinkedInRedditPrintFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  3. […] Twin Cities ‘SlutWalk’ Protests Sexual Violence Against Women ( […]

  4. […] Twin Cities ‘SlutWalk’ Protests Sexual Violence Against Women ( Share this:ShareStumbleUponEmailDiggTwitterLinkedInRedditPrintFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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  7. […] Twin Cities ‘SlutWalk’ Protests Sexual Violence Against Women ( […]

  8. SlutWalk is a movement that seeks to fight against Victim Blaming in cases of Sexual Abuse. The movement wants to discourage the practise of believing that the victim of a sex crime was “asking for it” with his/her clothing, lifestyle, interactions or history. But that does NOT mean Slut Walk Bangalore encourages women to wear skimpy clothing. The photos of foreign Slut Walk girls wearing skimpy clothing gives a wrong message to the campaign in India.

    The point is to fight Victim Blaming, and part of how we hope to achieve that is by removing the shame usually associated with female sexuality. The name “SlutWalk” serves that purpose very well. We understand it can be a little strong for people to digest, but the negative connotations of female sexuality are so deep-rooted that we needed something strong to uproot those ideas.

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