Terrorist Attack Imminent, Always, Forever.

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Academic Porn, Devolution, Feminist belief system, Prose, War Porn
The social self.

Dear enemy of freedom: start on the inside, and work your way out--but learn to do it nicely, you big bully. p.s. I am stuck in the middle between these two dueling lunacies of YOUR self and OUR culture.

Dear Enemy:
Is it you who let the cops brutally beat mentally ill people to death all over my country; you, who listen only to shame and fear based, ‘othering’ messages that only encourage a police-state mentality in America; you, too lazy to take back your cities and your televisions from the madness of fascist ideology that puts ever more police programming and  intrusions into our lives; you who use the U.S. Constitution to wipe your asses?

Well knock it off before I kick your ass, tear you to bits, bash your brains out and murder you! With words, pictures, and IDEAS…

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