Schizophrenic, homeless California man, Kelly Thomas cries for his father as six Fullerton, CA police officers beat, and Taser him to death. Thomas’ father is a retired cop.

Question: what state of mind, what social conscience–what social constructs— leads to a mindset that men should be beaten to death? See if you can spot the fascists in, or outside of the video.

Fascism begins with fear, then the ‘othering’ of races, classes, or nationalities, and displays itself as any form of ‘us versus them’ mentality. Men’s bodies are generally less than valuable, unless they can be used by the fascist society for work, or war; commodities that can also be loaned out or traded.

Male bodies are tools, objects, and entities’ that are a threat to police and the upholders of police state violence.

News footage and eyewitness account.

Does your version of humanism, or  feminism talk about men as tools, or objects? You might want to rethink that answer…or are you one of those “better HIM than ME” types?

Each time yet another man is killed or tortured, or beaten by police or state power, it is snuff porn, sung to the  American national anthem.

Kelly Thomas, beaten to death by police officers.

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