Amy Goodman, Democracy Now: “Military Deployed in the U.S.A.”

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Academic Porn, Devolution, Fifty years later, Junk Science, Middle Eastern Porn, War Porn
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Happy 9-11 everybody, especially all of the little Eichmann’s! Keep your eyes open for fascists. See one yet? Take a look in the mirror–otherwise get off your ass, and take action against the invasion of America by ‘Americans’…

U.S. Northern command stationed in the United States expands beyond Northcom?

“Are YOU gonna git out of the cawr?”

The duhfenders of liburty in small town USA, perteckin’ ya from terruriss’s. “we just do what we’re told.”

Mayors across America are declaring “state of emergency” imposing curfews, and martial law.

“No gatherings of three or more people without a permit.”–martial-law-over-police-woes/

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  2. […] I will be reading more about the life, and death of Dr. Wangairi Maathai in the next few days, considering she is one of a very rare breed of women who actually was willing to suffer for her beliefs, rather than to market herself, or sell out to the military industrial complex. […]

  3. […] Pigs of a feather, fly togetheR, when it comes to the Motherland. This version of feminism is just more of the same: white women running diversionary plays against society at large ever witnessing  the real picture of police brutality–and more feminist rapeflation, and proto-fascism in action, attacking straw men, instead of real people, institutions, and organizations that  make the wortld a less pleasant place to live. […]

  4. […] Amy Goodman, Democracy Now: “Military Deployed in the U.S.A.” ( […]

  5. […] Here are Police infiltrating a Peace march, and then smashing a camera–bring your camera’s!! Camera’s and cell phone are your best protection against police who break the law. And police ROUTINELY break the law. This is what happens when the police are not policed. […]

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