This is why you pick your children’s friends for them, 101.

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Child Porn, Gender War Porn, Rape and Rape Culture

Or, at least weed out the ones who put together these videos. The video below is  a bunch of snapshots of girls at a swimming pool. Twelve to fifteen-years- old or so. I found it on Youtube while researching a video of an eleven year old boy who was raped by a gang of girls.

Perhaps these girls are friends; perhaps they are cousins or kin, but what concerns me is the songs playing in the background over their pictures. “Oye loca venge aca…Quitate la ropa*”

Imagine sending you daughter to Auntie Mirasol’s house for a pool party weekend? You never really know whats going on when you’re not around, or who it is that shows up there.

I mean, for all I know, one of these girls made the video herself. And it’s just music, right?

But what freaks me out is that there are people out there who consider these interactions ‘normal.’

Or am I over reacting?

* my Spanish never got better than street level, but what the song is saying to these twelve-year-old’s is “Come over/look over here crazy girl, and take your clothes off.

What do You think about that?

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