Here is an extreme example of how “lookism” affects men.

How does one begin to explain what has been done to men in America? The war on men is never ending. I watch in abject horror as one man after another: one son, of one mother after another; is swept, like garbage, into a bin at the rape factory.

And, sadly, I know why they become what they become.Being subjected to rape and torture can make you angry. Being denied justice, or even remaining silent can cause you to want to pay it back.

Imagine a world where mothers cared about sons, before it’s too late. Imagine a world where children, especially the boys, are protected from the police—before they feel that they have to kill the police.

It isn’t the fathers that aren’t there: IT IS THE MOTHERS WHO ARE.

  1. skinnyboy says:

    I never thought of racism having that effect. I never thought of men being affected by lookism in that way. We talk about girls being affect by how they look but we never talk about boys, and how violence affects how you look.

    • pornonymous says:

      Racism is a two way street, and sadly a “gift that keeps on giving.” I think this man is an example of what happens when women use any old man just to get children and to get a paycheck.

      Obviously, no one thought this one through, and he becomes another horrible face for the finger pointers to point at, rather than a symbol of a social problem that needs to be addressed–but addressed with new thinking, because the old thinking is obviously wrong, if this is the product of that thinking.

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