America's Latest Inflation Crisis: Sex Trafficking StatisticsSometimes you feel like you’re the only one who notices the war that is being waged against truth, and sometimes, you don’t. Sex trafficking statistics are feuling an unholy-holy war against reason and against women, sex positive feminists, and children.

Lies from some ‘feminists’ defeat the hard work done by actual feminists, and do nothing to save women and children from exploitation, and everything to ally that brand of deceptive feminism with police and state power.

Worse, it puts that kind of feminist ever closer to your children.

Sex education, legalized prostitution, and birth control programs do everything to help women and children, and sex positive feminists.

  1. almostclever says:

    Your links are so interesting. Thank you! I had never heard of sex positive/negative feminists before.

    I do go back to trafficking survivors (women and children) when I think of the effects of legalizing prostitution on the people who have not chosen to go into this type of work.

    I try to approach these issues from a viewpoint of what is the “greater good” for all. Do we legalize prostitution so women can have benefits, safer work environments, etc… or are we legalizing a form of sex work that most women really had no tangible choices in? That is a tough one for me, I would love to hear your argument on this issue.

    I really do think this issue is divisive because it has much to do with our own experiences related to sex, the sex industry, our own history of sexual assault and trauma. etc….

    I think the numbers are profound though, and as someone who works doing therapy with sexual assault and trafficking survivors – it is hard for me not to be biased, because I don’t see the positive side of it, only the negative.

    • pornonymous says:

      Also, this idea about women and tangible choices: I have an idea–why don’t we just kill off all the men, and give women all the choices in the world?
      Then what? They are free from sex exploitation, war, death and famine? Or they are free from male sex exploitation, shared experience in war, and mutual resource gathering in times of famine? It goes back to the idea of the idealized false image of women as sexually ‘pure’, and innocent, the image of mothers as ‘perfect.’

      Women exploit women all the time, even in the animal kingdom–females have heirarchies of breeding, sexual expression, and behaviors that could mean life or death for other females; and at the end of the day, women sell women to feed their own kids instead of another woman’s kids.

      Oh, wait: if there are no men, there are no kids…hmmmm…not a bad thing altogether, a planet without humans….

  2. almostclever says:

    I’m a bit lost on your reply, nowhere do I stand for this being something where we need to “save women from men.” Women do exploit each other, and pimp each other – and sell their own children…. That is not something I would dispute…

    You seem bitter and outraged that the focus is on women when it comes to these issues, when there is a consistent number of boys and men who are caught up in victimization also.

    What do you propose for a solution to this?

    • pornonymous says:

      @“save women from men.” Women do exploit each other, and pimp each other – and sell their own children…. That is not something I would dispute…You seem bitter and outraged that the focus is on women when it comes to these issues, when there is a consistent number of boys and men who are caught up in victimization also. ”

      I am not bitter, I am angry, and proactively trying to raise awareness. That is my solution.

      I said in my reply to you in another comment that we need to be proactive as men, and raise awareness. I sometimes feel like the lone survivor
      ( don’t we all? It is such a debilitating truth to have to hold–especially when women are flaming you, minimizing the issue, isolating you as a rarity,etc.).
      My work, for years, has been to wade into the liberal and feminist blogs and try to discuss it in the context of rape–which it certainly is– and occasionally I win an ally or two, but more often than not I get abused in the rhetoric, shamed, humiliated–you know, the stuff that women do to re-victimize male victims–my childhood was a pattern of abuse by woman, rinse, deny, repeat.

      I am exploring the mechanisms of women’s denials in this area, and also trying to isolate individual female behaviors that are by definition sexual abuse, as in the case of the obvious female pedophiles, but also, I am examining new areas that as yet are not explored in modern times.

      Sexual abuse has been defined as ‘penis’. Yet ‘vagina’ has her own methods. In one posting here on my blog I have a video of a woman breast feeding her 8-yr-old daughter; no man is present in the discussion, and the girls exhibit classic signs of abuse–even naming the mothers breasts! Drawing pictures of the mothers breasts, etc. Classic abuse symptoms, as if on some level the little girls are aware of the bizarre nature of their enmeshed behavior.

      I have juxtaposed that imagery with data about women who orgasm while breast feeding–a common occurence, a natural event and so forth–except there is nothing natural about having an 80-pound grown child nursing. It is sexual abuse-the woman is using the child for her own pleasure, and yet that is not at all discussed therein.

      I believe, based on what I have learned in my adulthood abouit female sexuality ( hands on and otherwise) that women orgasm in a variety of ways.In retrospect, and in specific regard to my childhood, I recall women in similar postures while “snuggling” with me, a pre-adololescent male. I remember women trying to access my body in various ways that were innapropriate, and defined as abuse if it were male to female, and so forth. I particularly remember womens voyeurism.

      I think also re-examining the whole issue ion terms of fetish, and objectification is important. Women have so far been able to project every single ‘perverse’ sexual impulse on men: if men rape kids, it is because men are perverts, not because mom raped him first, and so forth. Women blame the patriarchy, so I posit that if X the Y.

      If X =men are apes(chimpanzees), and violent, and rapists, then Y is certainly that women are apes(bonobos) and sexual, and child rapists. Because rape is about power, not sex.

      The X argument is well established in liberal circles. The Y argument needs to get off the ground if we are to end the isolation that allows for women to be herded by the powerful ( both men and women), into mother only households where the perpetuation of female initiated sexual and physical violence is certain to continue.

      So in summation: what to do? 1) raise awareness 2) work with theaccepted definitions 3) encourage survivors to expand the definition, i.e. ‘ what made you feel sexually abused?’ 4) work as far as possible with women to encourage truth telling about their own behaviors, fantasies, etc. 5) accept that feminism in it’s modern construct is largely against men telling this story, but seek to go amongst them to keep the story out there.( If nothing else, one of the wonderful side effects of this incredible denial is that there now exists a huge, scientifically exploitable body of evidence via blogs, of the nature of women’s denial, violence, and rage directed at men who “tell”) 7) encourage a wider dialogue about ‘objectification.’ Many women want children, but why? Children are often objects of social status; children are often a symbol of a womans power over other women; and many women who prefer one sex over another objectify that sex, and are likely to have ‘issues’ in regards to that sex.

      There are other ways, but this is my basic idea set.

    • pornonymous says:

      Hello–it takes me awhile to get to my e-mails. I hope I have not destroyed a dialogue with you about male and female abuse, etc, do to my sometimes adamant disregard for the ‘common dialectic model’ about rape, and sexual violence.

      One thing I am curious about: how is your work going with the male victims/survivors group?

    • pornonymous says:

      Also: Have you seen the data that is being collected from the Swedish Sex Model? SEx negative feminists are doing more harm than good ( and are widely considered to be working against the therapeutic model of harm reduction)

      Also, have you been following the rape of men in the Congo?

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