America provides economic opportunity to women and children in Laos.

Posted: July 1, 2011 in American War Porn in Laos, Child Porn, Fifty years later, Forty years later, Thirty years later, War Porn
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Forty years on, Laos reaps bitter harvest of the secret war

More than 100 countries will today sign a convention banning the use of cluster bombs. In Laos, the most bombed nation on earth, their lethal legacy is a part of daily life.

Part of a US bomber lies in a temple in Phanop village, Laos

Part of a US bomber lies in a temple in Phanop village, Laos. “We keep it here to remind the children of what happened,” the monk said. “If one day we badly need money we might sell it for the scrap value.” Photograph: Sean Sutton/Mines Advisory Group

The entrance to Craters restaurant is guarded by a phalanx of bombshells, each as big as a man. Opposite, the Dokkhoune hotel boasts an even finer warhead collection. For tourists who have not cottoned on, the Lao town of Phonsavanh lies at the heart of the most cluster-bombed province of the most bombed country on earth….” more here at the Guardian U


Children are STILL dying in Laos, because of Americas child warporn machine. In Laos, American soldiers routinely raped under-aged girls, while torturing and murdering their fathers and mothers, as well as in Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Thailand, where the CIA still runs child prostitution.

Now, America just helps clean up after another kid gets splashed into bits against a wall by a UXO. Hillary Clinton even  has cleaning up the messes these little kids leave behind in her portfolio.

What do You think about that?

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